The Oyster Harbour Catchment Group works with a range of partners.

We have a close working relationship with South Coast NRM who provides funding to support our day to day operations as well as on-ground activity. ‘South Coast NRM is the leading not-for-profit environmental services provider in the South Coast region of Western Australia. 

We work with community, government and business to improve the environment by preserving and protecting biodiversity, managing land and waterways sustainably, and sharing knowledge and skills in NRM. South Coast NRM coordinates and administers funding primarily from the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia, allocated specifically for NRM activity’ (South Coast NRM website).

We also source funding for individual projects for fencing remnant vegetation, establishing revegetation and environmental weed control.

The vision for the Ranges Link Project is guided and supported by Gondwana Link. Gondwanaa Links audacious yet achievable vision is: "Reconnected country across south-western Australia, from the Karri forest of the SW corner to the woodlands and mallee bordering the Nullarbor plain, in which ecosystem function and biodiversity are restored and maintained". 

The Ranges Link project sources funds from South Coast NRM, the Australian Government, the State NRM Program as well as being supported by corporate sponsors Mt Barker Chicken and Waratah.

At a showcase of the achievements of the Ranges Link Project in November 2011, Mark Rintoul the  General Manger for Mt Barker Chicken announced a further 3 years of support for the project. ‘Mt Barker Chicken is committed to environmental sustainability in the region, and we are very proud to be able to support these crucial projects which will reconnect the ecological areas between the Porongurup and Stirling Ranges’ he said.

OHCG Partners



The Ranges Link team including Waratah's Todd Sims and local fencing contractor Tim Saggers


Mt Barker Chicken raffle winner Dawn Raslich and General Manager Mark Ritnoul


The Mt Barker Chicken team