Past Projects

The Middle Oyster Harbour Catchment - Salinity Containment and Water Quality Sub-Catchment Plan - Phase 1

The idea for this project arose in 2005 after South Coast NRM Land Reference Group identified
the Kalgan River as a priority area and was highlighted in its “Capacity for Change” table. The objectives of this project have been designed to address many of the natural resource management (NRM) issues that are found in the catchment but specifically aimed at reversing or
containing salinity within the targeted sub-catchments. Some of the other NRM
issues that are of concern in these sub-catchments include (but not restricted
to) waterlogging, soil acidity, nutrient loss, soil erosion and loss of biodiversity.
Some of the activities in the sub-catchments to address these issues include:

  • Establishing and managing perennial pastures including phase farming and permanent pastures
  • Fencing and revegetation of sensitive areas including riparian zones
  • Surface water management
  • Addressing soil health issues (soil wetting, acidity, compaction, waterlogging, nutrient loss etc)
  • Implementing agro-forestry options
  • Detailed farm analysis and planning informational field days and workshops
  • Matching land use with land capability

There are currently 45 landholders involved with this project throughout the three
sub-catchments. The three sub-catchments include:

  • Woogenellup. -dominated by broad acre cropping with some stock grazing
  • North East Porongurups -have a mixture of cropping, pasture, viticulture and agro-forestry
  • East Mount Barrow -have a mixture of cropping, pasture, viticulture and agro-forestry

This was the largest project ever undertaken by the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group and was completed in late 2008.