The Catchment

The Oyster Harbour Catchment is situated on the South Coast of Western Australia and is a part of the South West Botanical Region. It stretches from Albany through to Tenterden, across the Stirling Ranges to Chillinup and South to, but not including, Two Peoples Bay. The entire area is approximately 3000 square kilometres and includes populated centres of the City of Albany and the townships of Mt Barker, Porongurup and Kendenup. 

The catchment contains many natural assets such as the Oyster Harbour, the Kalgan River, the King River, The Porongurup National Park and the Stirling Range National Park. In total, there are approximately 31 Nature Reserves and 38 listed Heritage Sites within the catchment.

One of the key focuses of the activities undertaken by the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group is to improve the health of the Oyster Harbour and the rivers feeding into it.

The Oyster Harbour is the centre catchment of the Albany Hinterland and shares its common borders with the Wilson Inlet Catchment to the West and Albany Eastern Hinterland to the East. These catchments fall into the South Coast NRM area of responsibility that includes the South Coast from Walpole to the West to Esperance in the East.


Oyster Harbour Catchment Map