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Klaus Braun

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David Williamson

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About Us

History of the OHCG

The Oyster Harbour Catchment Group was established in 1992 as a community catchment group, with the aim of protecting and rehabilitating the Kalgan River System and became an incorporated body in 1994.

The purpose of the group is to co-ordinate and facilitate natural resource management to all stakeholders in the Oyster Harbour Catchment including land managers, the urban and peri-urban community, local government and government agencies. The OHCG is the key natural resource management group of the Oyster Harbour Catchment and forms one of the three community natural resource management groups for the Albany Hinterland sub region of the overall South Coast NRM region.

Currently the group consists of farmers, ex scientists and NRM specialists, interested community members and other stake holder groups such as Forest Products Commission and DAFWA.

The group has achieved some fantastic results in the past with a wide range of on-ground activities. These include fencing of waterways and remnant vegetation, rehabilitated or revegetated remnant vegetation, established perennial pastures to intercept and utilize excess water and nutrients, constructing designed earthworks to address salinity or waterlogging and been very active in dealing with invasive species.

The OHCG have also been actively educating landholders and school groups on environmental issues, the benefits of conservation and appropriate land management. They have been involved in all levels of regional planning and are involved with further developing and implementing the South Coast NRM regional strategy.

The Oyster Harbour Catchment Group is partnered with the South Coast Natural Resource Management Inc. (South Coast NRM) the peak regional body that is funded by the State and Australian Governments through the programs such as Caring for Our Country and the Biodiversity Fund.

Kalgan River


Members of the Kendenup Bushland Managment Group

Our Vision

Prosperous, vibrant rural communities for present and future generations within the Oyster Harbour Catchment.

Mission Statement

Coordinate and facilitate Natural Resource Management to all stakeholders within the Oyster Harbour Catchment including land managers, marine managers, the urban and peri-urban community, education facilities, training agencies, volunteer groups, local government and government agencies.


  1. Ensure landholder, local government and broad stakeholder participation in the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group Inc.
  2. Encourage the development and implementation of strategic Best Management Practices in sustainable agriculture, marine, waterways and conservation.
  3. Increase the awareness and involvement of the wider community in Natural Resource Management within the Oyster Harbour Catchment.
  4. Encourage the incorporation of Natural Resource Management priorities into all aspects of land use and strategic planning.